YouTube 4 Teens

Learn how to start and grow a successful YouTube channel!

Everyone wants to be a YouTuber these days. But what does it really take? Can you really make a living on YouTube? Is this a safe place for students to be posting and/or browsing? Get all the answers in our new course "YouTube 4 Teens" where we teach practical steps to starting and growing a YouTube Channel with a special emphasis on safety and giving good value. See how other individuals and families have developed successful YouTube channels in this 12 week interactive course.

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Damon Evans
Damon Evans
Filmmaker / Instructor

About the instructor

Damon Evans has been a filmmaker for over 25 years creating documentaries, TV commercials and narrative films. His work has taken him to over 40 countries promoting humanitarian work in poor countries. As a father of four kids, he began creating short films as a way to entertain his kids which led to the creation of Cabin Fever Films, a production company specializing in family friendly films aimed at high school students. After years teaching filmmaking to youth he was compelled to create "Film School for Teens" in order to expose young people to the art of filmmaking and enable them to use the technology they already have to inspire, entertain and share their own viewpoint with the world. 

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24 Videos
11 Texts

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